Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala, Hisar (Haryana) is one of the ancient institutions catering to the protection of cows (through shelter for

cows) situated at ancient capital town of AGROHA DHAM which is over a century old. It  is around  20 KM  from  Hisar.  Devotees  of

Gaushala have come from all walks of life and served the cause based on their individual capacity and sense of devotion.


After Shri Devi Sahai Jindal’s tenure, under directions of Shri Shiv Ram Jindal, Shri O.P. Jindal, Shri Nand Kishore Goenka  Management

of Gaushala is being looked after by Sh. Rajender Kedia, Sh. Sohan Lal Singla and Shri Krishan Kumar Gorakhpuria and team.

From 525 cows few years back (2000), today Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala is a haven for 3000  cows .  In  the  course  of  time

5000 cows are expected to be served. Gaushala has 100 employees and 2 veterinary doctors to attend to the cows.


Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala has 176 Acres of land out of which 20 Acres are covered by area of 26 sheds, grazing areas for

the cows and balance area is for cultivation of green fodders (for feeding the cows). Out of this, 10 Acres have been purchased

in auction at a value of Rs.36 Lacs . A devotee can donate Rs.101/- onwards as BHOOMI DAAN’ for this cause.