An Appeal

The quintessence of broad based Indian culture rests on twin objective of humanity, peace

and prosperity. This aspect is abundantly represented by the Holy Cow which is  taken as a

personification of fulfiller of all wishes ‘Kamdhenu’ for the  humans. The  holy  books  Vedas

Shastras which is time immemorial lends credence to this pious belief.


The ‘Gau Mata’ or the ‘Holy Cow’ enables not only ones’ attainment of worldly material pursuits

through the path of  Dharma  (Pious practices) Artha  (material wealth)  Kama   (desires) but also

enables a person  to  achieve salvation  or  the ultimate  bliss and happiness  on heavenly abode Moksha  (the  eternal  heavenly  peace).


It is pity to observe as a result of ignorance from many corners cows are treated as a mere animal and as a result they are neglected

and allowed  to  wander. The holy  cows  are  witnessed  by  many of  us, eating  paper and  rubbish. This is despite the  everlasting and

inescapable bond between a human and a cow.


Cow is a national resource and protection of cow is our bounden duty.

According to Indian culture, praying holy cow is given utmost importance by Vedas, Puranas.According to the Indian holy book,

the Holy Cow is an  embodiment  of  33 Crore  GodsIn south of India,the cow dung/urine  is treated with respect as these

are   material   ingredients  in making of  Panch Kavya” which  is used for   purification  during Upanayanam. ( Janau )  and  Marriage

ceremonies. The cow dung is also used to prepare Vibhooti  which adores the forehead of Vedic Scholars.



The back of mother Cow – Lord Bramha – The creater

Neck of mother Cow – Lord Vishnu – The protector

Forehead – Lord Rudra or Shiva – The Eliminator


In the noble cause to give protection to holy Cows, Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala,

Agroha has sheds and large Acres of lands for


grazing as well as for growing animal feed (green fodder)with an hospital attached. Ambulance with hydraulic systems to rescue wounded



cows from the accident site or to transport them for medical facility is also available.


The activities have to compound and it is possible only when pious donors come forward with generous contributions in the endeavor.




“A mother feeds a child for six months whereas the holy cow feeds us and our family throughout the life”.


The holy cow’s protection should be ensured so that we can invoke the blessings of the celestial Gods for peace and prosperity of

humanity. In order to facilitate such process of invocation of blessings, Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala has  made   arrangements

so that willing donors can come forward for the noble cause. The service to this also costs in terms of money, apart from  voluntary

service of people.The monthly expenses of Shree Vaishnav Agarsain Gaushala has increased from Rs.15.00 lacs to Rs.17.00 lacs.


In order to make this institution self propelling and  self generating,  the Gaushala has  also  taken  up  the  process  of  proper

breeding of   the cows to increase fertility of the cows and the animal waste can be used for fertilizers. The  Gaushala  is  making  full

efforts in this direction including exploring the possibility of its waste being used in medicinal fields.

You are kindly aware that such a noble cause is only nurtured by generous donors of religious institutions and social organizations.

Thus it is expected that persons of your stature and resource would certainly come forward to assist in the endeavor.